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Orbico Games

The Orbico Games started today. For 7 weeks, our staff will be involved in all kinds of movement-related activities at both the Hungarian and international Orbico levels. With these activities, colleagues can collect a lot of active minutes, which can be turned into a monetary donation which we give to an organisation. We couldn't wait for the Orbico Games...


This weekend we also participated in the Ultrabalaton. After last year's UB, we gained even more momentum, so this year we had two teams, accompanied by cyclists and sherpas. So together we covered more than 1000 km running and cycling - motivating each other endlessly and pushing our limits. Although the next day it was very painful to climb...

Logistics Day

On the occasion of the Logistics Day, the students of the Gróf Károlyi Sándor Technikum SZC visited our warehouse in Üllő, where they spent a day of learning. We introduced them to the processes of freight forwarding, customer service and warehouse operations, from goods arrival to delivery. At the end of the...

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