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Lindt & Orbico

The new year has brought an expansion in Orbico's portfolio, by enriching it with a new brand, with a national exposure.

Lindt is a 175-year-old heritage and has a global presence in over 120 countries. The Lindt portfolio offers not only the extremely popular brands like Lindor and Excellence, but also a wide variety of chocolate and...

New brand in Orbico Romania portfolio - Rio Mare

Starting August, our portfolio has expanded nationwide, both in the traditional and modern trade channels, with Rio Mare. With a wide range of fish products: cans, pate, salads - Rio Mare serves the Romanian market with authentic Italian products of the highest quality, offering consumers a superior consumer experience. Using the highest processing and preparation technologies, Rio Mare tuna...

New brand in Orbico Romania portfolio - Bonux

Orbico Romania has decided to enter the non-food products category. So, starting July, we brought into our portfolio Bonux, a brand with a history of over 25 years on the Romanian market, being the third player in the "value for money" category. On a growing market of detergents in Romania, Bonux aims to reach the homes of as many Romanians...

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