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Over 800 motivated employees, organized in 10 dynamic teams cover 100% of Croatian market, delivering many high-quality globally renown brands to every household in every part of the country.

Strong collaborations and transparent partnerships make us a distributor of first choice for both global and local partners, to whom we provide a full service and a strong synergy with the rest of our portfolio.

Our skilled employees with wide knowledge of the market make us what we are: a customer satisfaction focused organization with individual approach to each partner and a strong passion for winning.

And winning is what we do. For 20 years already.

Vesna Rendulić & Mario Matić
Board Members

About us

Orbico Group is the leading distributor for a large number of quality globally known brands ranging from beauty care products through food and non food products, technical and electrical appliances to pharmaceuticals, toys, textile, cigarettes as well as motor oil products. Such extensive and diversified range of brands and products portfolio demands high flexibility, openess to constant change, flexible...

Our services

Orbico offers complete and comprehensive business solutions for sales and distribution, logistics services, marketing and brand management services for a large number of different industries and business areas such as FMCG, beauty care products, pharmaceuticals, toys and textile products, electrical appliances, cigarettes, motor oils and many more.   

We provide services of superior quality to our...

Our partners

Orbico is having a long term business relationship with many multinational organizations enabling the brands in their portfolio close to the customers and consumers in the local markets. 

The brands in Orbico portfolio have strong equity in customers’ minds, strong market value and retailers desire to have them in the stores. Most of the brands...

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