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Orbico & IBM - Driving growth supported by data-driven insights

"IBM Analytics enables us to provide better insights into our business, supporting our growth." Romina Oreskovic, Group Finance Director, Orbico

Meeting the demands of rapid expansion

Orbico is expanding rapidly, resulting in increased volumes of data relating to finance, sales, receivables and inventory across different countries.

Romina Oreskovic, Group Finance Director at Orbico, says:
“The main challenge we face is finding a way to provide the best service to our suppliers, customers, and financial institutions. To figure out how to be the best partner to everyone, we need to gain as much insight from our data as possible."

“We were growing very fast and reached a point where we were operating more than 20 companies in 15 completely different markets across Europe. Managing the huge volumes of data that came with such rapid expansion was starting to become a struggle.”

“We had problems with collaboration, sharing data, and obtaining an accurate overview of group-wide activity. We were sharing spreadsheets across different divisions and companies, but when we collected all the data, we weren’t actually getting any insight into business drivers or key performance indicators."

"We were concerned that the lack of timely insight could be causing us to miss out on opportunities to improve operational performance and cut wastage.”

To bring greater consistency and accuracy to group-wide reporting, Orbico realized that it needed to adopt a more robust approach. The group sought an enterprise-class analytics solution that would empower users across the enterprise with timely, reliable insight into all areas of operations, enabling teams to make better decisions that could help Orbico run a more profitable and productive business.

Adopting a unified approach

Orbico invited IBM to find a solution to help the expanding company effectively access and analyze wide-ranging data and produce insightful reports.

“We chose IBM because it is a company that is customer-oriented. IBM doesn’t just sell, it tries to understand the customer’s needs,” Romina comments. “It offers world-class technology and is an experienced local partner.”

As a first step, Orbico worked with IBM to deploy IBM® InfoSphere® DataStage®, which integrates data across multiple systems, making it easy for teams at every level of the enterprise to access consistent, up-to-date information.

The solution enables finance, sales, receivables and inventory data from individual companies to be standardized and stored in a single database in unified way, where it can be accessed and analyzed by a larger number of end users.

Orbico deployed IBM Cognos® Business Intelligence to enhance its analytics capabilities, and IBM Cognos TM1® to transform its planning and forecasting cycle. The group also takes advantage of IBM Cognos Controller to support the end-to-end financial consolidation process.

“With IBM InfoSphere DataStage, we have established a trusted, integrated store of information that can be easily accessed by staff across the group,” says Romina. “Now that we have a solid data foundation in place, we can take advantage of IBM Cognos solutions to gain new insight into our business, analyzing operational performance to make sharper decisions and improve planning.”

Driving growth

With IBM Analytics solutions, Orbico has successfully transformed its deluge of data into actionable insight—helping the group optimize operations to deliver the best quality service to partners and customers.

Romina comments: “We are a Croatian company with markets across Europe that are totally different. IBM Analytics solutions provide us with a clear picture of what each of our companies is doing in different markets. As a result, we can tailor our strategy and services accordingly, helping ensure better results in every region.

With a robust planning and financial reporting platform in place, Orbico can more easily accommodate the demands of an increasingly complex and constantly evolving business. Introducing IBM Analytics solutions has had an important financial impact. By consolidating data, Orbico has obtained a better rating from financial institutions, and has been able to take advantage of a lower cost of credit.

Today, executives can base decisions on hard facts, rather than instinct, unlocking new efficiencies and driving growth.

Romina explains: “IBM Analytics solutions help us target opportunities to save time and money, and respond faster to changing demands—key advantages in a dynamic industry like distribution.”

“We are also finding better ways to work with our brand partners, which in turn helps them provide a higher-quality service to their retail customers. When our brand partners are satisfied, they give us more customers, so it is a win-win situation for everyone.”

She concludes: “IBM Analytics solutions give us the insight and control we need to improve services and take our business to new heights of success. As Orbico continues to grow, we are excited to take full advantage of our new analytics solutions to drive greater economies of scale and sharpen our competitive edge.”

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