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KraftHeinz & Orbico

Orbico Bosnia and Herzegovina would like to wish a warm welcome to the Orbico Familiy, to the one of the most recognizable brands in the world.

The brand Heinz is most known brand out of wide portfolio of brands from KraftHeinz.

Heinz can be found in various of categories such as ketchup, mayo, sauces, pasta,...

Orbico Adriatic Wines

According to the long-term vision and incredibile passion of Mr. Branko Roglić, the owner of Orbico group, we strated with export of wine from the Adriatic region, as part of the Orbico Adriatic Wines project. OAW with the new website presents excellent wines from the Adriatic region.

The performance strategy defines the Adriatic region...

Autobiography of Branko Roglić is out!

We are proud to announce that the Autobiography of Branko Roglic the owner of the Orbico Group, was presented last week in the Crystal Hall of the Westin Hotel in Zagreb.

The book was written by Mr. Branko Roglić for two years and on 516 pages he described details from his private life, and through it the entire...

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