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Orbico Group

Orbico Group is the leading distributor for a large number of quality globally known brands ranging from beauty care products through food and non food products, technical and electrical appliances to pharmaceuticals, toys, textile, cigarettes as well as motor oil products. Such extensive and diversified range of brands and products portfolio demands high flexibility, openess to constant change, flexible organization and investing in people development and in brands.

Our aim is to generate sustainable business growth and to create added value for our business partners and for brands in our portfolio. Our customers are all relevant and renowned market participants ranging from large multinational chains, local retail chains to wholesale stores, drugstores, pharmacies, independent local traders, B2B entrepreneurs and specialized sales channels. Therefore, Orbico is a partner of choice to best meet the needs of our business partners with optimal mix of product offering, services, flexibility and local expertise.

With a team of passionate professional experts we offer complete and comprehensive business solutions for sales, logistics services, marketing and brand management for brands in our portfolio. In our business and actions we are driven by our Vision, Mission, Principles and Values.

Management Board members

Jurij Tršan has been Chief Executive Officer of Orbico Group since October 2018. He is responsible for all business segments across 24 countries with around 9,000 employees, with special focus on Orbico core markets: Romania, Poland, Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Bosna&Hercegovina.

Jurij also leads the team that develops Orbico's 2030 Strategy with members of the board for sales and finance. As the CEO of the Group Jurij is holding responsibility for M&As, Tourism and HR on director levels.
He started his career in Orbico Slovenia in 1996 as Sales representative for Varta batteries, followed by different sales positions in the next few years in Slovenia and abroad. Among other projects, he led the start of Orbico businesses in Bosnia&Herzegovina and in Bulgaria.

After many international projects, at the begin of 2007 he was appointed to Group Development function where he was for more than ten years working with Mr. Branko Roglić and Josip Roglić on Orbico business growth and development, that in 2018 resulted with company presence on 21 markets and businesses of 2 bn EUR in FMCG, Style and Beauty segments. From autumn 2016 till CEO role, Jurij was member of board for operations.

Eddy Malky has recently been appointed Chief Business Officer – Beauty, Style and Salon categories. He is responsible for these categories across all Orbico countries with special focus on Strategic Partners, Clusters and Development. As CBO Eddy is also holding responsibility for Group Digital and for Sales Transformation.

He started his career in Orbico when Orbico acquired Amersport (later to become Orbico Style) where Eddy Malky had been working since 2004 as GM of companies under the control of Amersport, Eddy was managing the full business of distribution and retail of the then mainly footwear category. Eddy was responsible for the expansion of Amersport outside of Poland and later with Orbico to the remainder of the Orbico countries. Prior to this role he was working as Operations Manager for VF Polska and Business Development Manager for VF Europe – in both roles responsible for Jeanswear. His roles in Orbico have included GM for Orbico Style Poland and later as Cluster Director/Managing Director Style Group across all the Orbico countries.

Ivanka Ivanova started her career in Orbico Company in 2006 as a Logistics specialist at Orbico Bulgaria, which led her to different roles throughout the years- from Customer Service and Logistics Manager to Commercial Sales Manager P&G. During this period, she led and managed different Supply Group projects for Orbico Group.

In 2018, Ivanka became Commercial Director, and in 2019, she held the position of General Manager of Orbico Bulgaria, being responsible for business development and contributing to building a key strategy for one of the group’s leading countries. In 2021, she was appointed Operations Director and Board member for Bulgaria and Romania, where she led leading projects related to optimizing and transforming all business processes in Logistics and Supply.

Since 2024, Ivanka Ivanova has been Chief Operations Officer of Orbico Group, and as such, she is responsible for Supply, IT, Processes, HR, and Capability development. As COO Ivanka is also holding responsibility for Supply Transformation.

Romina Orešković Cvetanović was appointed as Orbico Group Management Board Member and Chief Financial Officer as of January 2020 holding responsibility for finance, treasury, controlling and other corporate functions.

Her career in Orbico started in Accounting Department in 1998. During 23 years of work experience Romina obtained various important functions in financial, accounting, controlling and IT areas such as: Financial Director, Vice President for Finance and IT, and Vice President for Corporate Finance.

Romina has been an important member for Group IT and BI development. She has been an active member of strategic team creating Orbico Group Strategy 2030.

Starting from 2022 Romina is developing corporate legal, procurement and ESG functions on the Group level. She graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Business in Zagreb and obtained MSC degree in economics and completed postgraduate studies (Accounting, Finance and audit). Romina graduated from Controlling Akademie in Munich as well.

Alexandrina Marinova started her career with The Gillette company and spend 13 years in different roles in Gillette and P&G, including General Manager for Gillette Romania and Balkans and Area Director Romania and Moldova for P&G business.

In 2012 Alexandrina joined Orbico in a broadening assignment - Administrative director, where she learned the Operations part of distribution business. In 2015 she started taking different Group responsibilities for Suppliers and Countries and since then experienced all Orbico Countries for FMCG business.

In 2019 Alexandrina was appointed Deputy CEO, leading biggest Orbico countries and in 2020 after the successful acquisition of Interbrands was appointed CEO of Interbrands for the transition period.

Since 2020 Alexandrina joined Orbico Board as Chief Business Officer FMCG&Special Categories, and holds the responsibility for all Strategic Partners, Clusters and Development. She manages the suppliers/countries matrix through a team of highly experienced professionals and also leads the channel development in main countries.

  • The SOLUTION PROVIDER of choice for Selected Categories to our Partners

  • Partnership with our Suppliers and Customers to WIN CONSUMERS

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  • People are our most precious value
  • We are customer satisfaction focused
  • We operate simple flexible organization adaptable to change
  • We are cost efficient and business results oriented
  • Sustainable profit and development are essential for our success
  • We are socially responsible company

Our services

Orbico offers complete and comprehensive business solutions for sales and distribution, logistics services, marketing and brand management services for a large number of different industries and business areas such as FMCG, beauty care products, pharmaceuticals, toys and textile products, electrical appliances, cigarettes, motor oils and many more.   

We provide services of superior quality to our principals and customers bringing them business value, growth and development. Orbico business today stretches from the Baltic to the Black Sea, operating in 20 countries, using support function synergies and management experience combined with the strong focus and in-depth local market presence, knowledge and professional expertise.

Our customers are all relevant and renowned market participants ranging from large multinational chains, local retail chains to wholesale stores, drugstores, pharmacies, independent local traders, B2B entrepreneurs and specialized sales channels.

Orbico today cooperates with more than 180 suppliers, manages more than 500 global and local brands and supplies more than 59000 customers.

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