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Orbico is driving your business forward. As the European largest distributor and supply chain management company, we design and implement industry-leading solutions for our partners. 

Over 7,500 dedicated employees, working in 20 regional clusters around the Europe, deliver operational excellence — to provide viable answers to the most challenging supply chain questions.

Keeping my word and working with quality people are the foundations on which Orbico started and we are still travelling this road.

Branko Roglic
President of supervisory board

About us

Orbico Group is the leading distributor for a large number of quality globally known brands ranging from beauty care products through food and non food products, technical and electrical...

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Orbico offers complete and comprehensive business solutions for sales and distribution, logistics services, marketing and brand management services for a large number of different...

Our partners

Orbico is having a long term business relationship with many multinational organizations enabling the brands in their portfolio close to the customers and consumers in the local markets. 


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