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The newest recognitions and awards from P&G GDM world

P&G GDM Braun CES, CEN, Baltics, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia and Russia region, on ceremony happened last week in Ljubljana, Slovenia, recognized 2 teams among all markets as most successful ones:

1. ORBICO Croatia/Slovenia – for the best “Proven Campaign Award – Best initiative exploitation Female”
2. ORBICO Croatia/Slovenia – for the best “Physical Availability Award – Best golden store execution”
3. ORBICO Hungary – for the “Winning Portfolio Award – Best PEAK activation”
4. ORBICO Hungary...

Honourable Decoration for Navo Orbico – Medals for Mr Roman Gajczewski and Mr Marek Sobieski

This year's Gala of Tychy Enterprise Leader held on 23th June 2017 in the Zamek Myśliwski in Promnice was a highly pleasant celebration for us. This annual event organised by the Regional Chamber of Industry and Commerce together with the President of the Tychy City, is a place where many honours for merited persons and enterprisers from the Silesian Province are given.

During this ceremony Navo Orbico became rewarded with the Honourable Decoration for the Merits for the Silesian Province. The...

Orbico Group as the sole shareholder of Navo Orbico

We would like to inform all our Partners and Clients that on 3rd July 2017, by decision of owner, Orbico Group bought remaining 30% of shares in Navo Orbico and became the only shareholder of the company.

Orbico is grateful and keeps full respect for ex-Owners of Navo, who were our capital and real business partner during last 3 years and supported transformation of business.

Navo Orbico continues operation with no turbulence and no changes in company management.

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