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In December last year, during the Gamification Annual Symposium, where the most interesting projects from around the world are presented, MASTERS OF ENDLESS SEA (MOES), the game prepared for the Operations Sales Division of our company, got the Grand Prix.

The main intention to create the game was the motivation, communication improvement and Sales Team daily work enhancement. At MOES, we combined the knowledge and method of one of the most distinguished creators of gamification models in the world - Yu-kai Chou, with our business goals. We have created a business game which allows us to have fun and achieve our goals at once. The game takes us back to the eighteenth century, we become the merchants building our, own city and trading with colonies (our clients). Each transaction in line with the target, and each achieved KPI from the real sales brings health and wealth to the city. Lack of execution brings threat of a pirates attack. We gather Orbiki – the game currency, thanks to which we can play the Wheel of Fortune and win prizes! Merchants in the MOES can change avatars, get bigger ships, challenge each other in duels and chat in the Tavern!

Business goals set in the program (increase in sales of Gold products, increase in margin) were achieved in 2017.

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