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We are proud to point out the positive news from Orbico Beauty Bosnia and Herzegovina!

At the beginning of September 2017, at the Coty Conference held in Budapest, our colleagues from the make up & fragrance team won two acknowledgments from the categories:

1. First award we got for the joint project Max Factor & Lifestyle Perfumes in the category of "Customer Differentiation", the project title is "I am Diva".

The project was implemented in cooperation with our buyer dm, and fellow project holders are:

- Edita Hasanagić (Team Leader, Beauty category)
- Nejla Manov (Brand Manager, Max Factor)
- Ajla Silajdžić (Brand Manager, Lifestyle fragrances)

2. The other award we got is for Coty Legacy fragrances in category “Best in-store program”, fellow project holders are:

- Svjetlana Papo-Teskeredžić (Cluster Brand Manager)
- Amir Alić (Brand Manager)
- Maja Čolaković (Brand Manager)

“I use this opportunity to thank our winners and all our Orbico Beauty colleagues who work hard on the continuous promotion of the brand image we represent, as well as on the external promotion of our "Orbico Beauty" company.

Thanks to all colleagues for their engagement and personal contribution to the development of our Beauty business in BiH!”

Marina Nevrt, General Manager Orbico Beauty B&H

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