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ORBICO BiH – “The Most Preferred Employer of 2018” in the Distribution Sector

After the web portal conducted its 12th consecutive research about the most preferred employers in Bosnia and Herzegovina for 2018, ORBICO BiH affirmed this year its leading position in the Distribution Sector and is the top-ranking company in the industry, falling behind by a very small number of votes to enter the Top 10 Most Preferred Employers, which is a great success for the company and all its employees in this transitional year.   

The research was conducted in February and March this year and over 700 companies from BiH were nominated and won over 150,000 votes which is the record-breaking response. The company management primarily thanked its employees who, with their work and positive relationship toward business and company, represent the best PR that a company can have.

The participants voted for companies based on their personal perception that testifies on the investment that the companies made this year in human potential management, employers’ branding and public image.

ORBICO BiH will continue to improve all the elements that influence the satisfaction of employees, but also continue working on every aspect that contributed to the positive opinion about the company, positioning it as the leader of the highly demanding Distribution Sector.

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