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P&G GDM Awards

We would like to share some great recognition coming from P&G GDM - CES, CEN, Baltics, Ukraine, Kazahstan and Russia region.

ORBICO Croatia – Have been awarded the best “Golden Stores” execution in FY 14/15

ORBICO Hungary/Czech/Slovakia – Have been awarded the best “Initiative” execution in FY 14/15


2015 Distributor Sales Manager of the year!

Really well done to Orbico Wella Polish clients along with our entire Wella Poland team for their success at the Wella TrendVision awards. Their passion and hard work is inspiring to all!

Particularly well done to our very own Katarzyna Szafraniec-Lesniak of the Wella Orbico Poland team, who has been named 2015 Distributor Sales Manager of the year...

ENAVO B2B Platform Poland

2nd Generation B2B platform Launch in Poland

Navo Orbico has just launched the 2nd generation B2B trading platform as major step forward in our multichannel distribution solutions.

The new application uses state of the art technology, features, integration and functionally to give our customers and teams the most user-friendly and comprehensive tool available...

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