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Orbico Moldova - Top 3 employers in Moldova 2015

We are both happy and proud to announce this great news: 

Orbico Moldova has again been ranked in the Top 10 of Moldova’s Best Employers of 2015.

This is the third year in a row that the team participated in the Survey and the third year to make the Top 10. Moreover this year Orbico Moldova has managed to make an impressive move forward and is now ranked in the Top 3 of Moldova’s Best Employers.

It is the whole Orbico Moldova team, who have brought about this award and recognition. For that...

P&G GDM Awards

We would like to share some great recognition coming from P&G GDM - CES, CEN, Baltics, Ukraine, Kazahstan and Russia region.

ORBICO Croatia – Have been awarded the best “Golden Stores” execution in FY 14/15

ORBICO Hungary/Czech/Slovakia – Have been awarded the best “Initiative” execution in FY 14/15

These recognitions are result of team focus, hard work, dedication and passion to make extraordinary things with our customers” Ivo Lelas - Cluster Unit Director

We are also very proud of the...

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