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Honourable Decoration for Navo Orbico – Medals for Mr Roman Gajczewski and Mr Marek Sobieski

This year's Gala of Tychy Enterprise Leader held on 23th June 2017 in the Zamek Myśliwski in Promnice was a highly pleasant celebration for us. This annual event organised by the Regional Chamber of Industry and Commerce together with the President of the Tychy City, is a place where many honours for merited persons and enterprisers from the Silesian Province are given.

During this ceremony Navo Orbico became rewarded with the Honourable Decoration for the Merits for the Silesian Province. The...

Orbico Braun awards FY 16-17

Let us share the latest GREAT NEWS coming from Braun Global Distributor Symposium held in Chamonix.

Two Orbico Braun teams have been recognized for excellent achievements in FY 16/17, within 9 different categories:

1. Orbico Bulgaria – for “Best Brand Building for Female"
2. Navo Orbico Poland – for “Best in Class Capability Intervention

Additionally, Orbico Braun cluster, under the name of "One Orbico" was recognised with high ranked award from Braun Vice President, among 50+ distributors...

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